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Unleash your true potential

Magnanimous Leadership offers coaching, training, and consulting services to unleash true potential - yours and your team’s.

Effective leaders lead effective teams.


Magnanimous Leadership can help you identify and implement strategies that will not only build your team but improve your leadership. 

Book a complimentary consultation to find out how Magnanimous Leadership can help you unleash your leadership


A common mistake companies make

Leaders affect lives. 

Leaders affect the lives of coworkers and customers, but they also affect the lives of coworkers’ and customers’ families. Yet, the vast majority of companies unknowingly set up leaders for failure.

The impact of a leader is too great to risk leading poorly. 

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Client Testimonials

"...the breakthroughs we had just amazed me. Marguerite has a way of asking the right questions at the right time... and [her skill in] helping the client come up with a solution that will help them best is top notch. I am truly energized by our progress today and the breakthroughs we had. I know these goals will be accomplished with the tools she has assisted me learning. I’m very excited for the future!"  
- K.O., CFO

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"Marguerite was a fantastic coach! She has a natural talent of not only being able to hear everything you are saying but she can also
read your face like a book that she’s read many times. It was like she could hear my thoughts and then would ask me questions based
off it. It was incredible... Having a coach like Marguerite is exactly what I needed in my life. I’m forever thankful to have that time with her."  
- N.I. 

Business Consultation

"Marguerite helped me through challenges as I was acquiring a new team for the first time in my career. Prior to our sessions I felt overwhelmed. After each session I felt motivated, confident and found more value in my offline time. With Marguerite’s help keeping me focused on clear goals that she helped me identify, I was able to successfully integrate my new team to my department which resulted in my promotion! I can not thank Marguerite enough"  
- L.R., Associate Director 

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