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About Magnanimous Leadership


courageous and compassionate in service of a mission bigger than oneself


Magnanimous Leadership is about empowering executives and managers to lead exceptional teams with humanity and purpose. By leveraging the science of how humans work, Magnanimous Leadership unleashes potential and fosters the flexibility necessary in today’s rapidly changing world. 

Many of us started our careers in spaces with “traditional” management that consciously or unconsciously assumes we are all cogs in the corporate wheel rather than seeing that we are human. When we practice seeing ourselves and our teammates for what we truly are, people, we unleash a new type of leadership, our teams flourish and, dare we say, leadership becomes fun.  

Magnanimous Leadership’s founder, Marguerite Thibodeaux, leverages her experience working at a Fortune 100 company and her unique coaching style to help clients identify and resolve traditional leadership pitfalls and mental roadblocks that could be limiting their potential and, ultimately, negatively impacting their teams. 

You can unlock more happiness and fulfillment with Magnanimous Leadership. Become the best leader you can be.

What's with the egg?

Ages ago, there was a painting class. As students walked in and set up their easels, they noticed a single white egg at the front of the room. The egg was their subject for the day, but when they looked at their pallets, none of them had white paint.

When asked for white paint, the instructor replied, "Paint what you see, not what you think you see." Once the students changed their perspective of the egg, noticing the reflections of light, the shadows in its curves, their creativity was unleashed.

Magnanimous Leadership applies this same philosophy to unlock your true potential and leadership qualities. 


I’m on a mission to increase the happiness  and fulfillment in the world by transforming the way we work: when leaders see their teams as partnerships rather than resources, magic happens.  

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Meet Maguerite

Meet Marguerite Thibodeaux


Marguerite walked away from a successful career at a Fortune 100 company to share what she learned in the hopes of helping the world find more happiness and fulfillment. Leaders affect more than just themselves; they affect the lives of everyone around them in their organization, too, and all too often, they are accidentally left to fail. Using what she's learned over her career, she serves clients through one-on-one coaching, training, and consulting. 

As a Program Manager, she developed and led many training programs where learners were only getting a sliver of the full benefits the program had to offer because they didn’t feel like they could fully participate. Their managers would email them in the middle of training, their executives would give them project deadlines during the training, or their clients would call them at all hours of the day. After reaching out to managers and executives about this, there was always a magnanimous show of support and the learners were able to fully participate in the trainings. It occurred to Marguerite that 9 out of 10 times, managers aren't aware of the disconnect between themselves and their team members.

When she began managing her own team, she kept that magnanimity in mind and it created a team that was innovative and hyper collaborative. Today, Marguerite helps leaders approach their team as a partnership rather than a resource and it has proven to create innovative, dynamic teams and leaders.

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