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You’re a leader.
You’re stressed.
You’re spread too thin.
You lay awake thinking about work.
You answer work emails on vacation. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.  

Magnanimous Leadership Coaching:

  • reduces stress

  • increases innovation

  • enables you to be present with loved ones

  • creates space for real vacations

Make 2022 the best year of your career

Magnanimous Leaders get performance reviews like these: 

She is clearly one of the BEST managers I have worked with in my entire career

There are many, many managers who could learn a lot from Marguerite and how she manages people.

While Marguerite will raise the bar high, she is always there to answer our questions, remove any obstacles or just be a sounding board when we need one. The bar may seem very high to us when first presented but she always manages to stay optimistic and lead us to success.

[Marguerite will] say no to protect her team. She is one of the few leaders I have seen say no compassionately to protect the most valuable work and her team's ability to deliver it.

She is an amazing leader and [I] have learned so much working with her. 


  • Pay Raise?

  • Bonus? 

  • Promotion? 

  • New career opportunities?

  • Less stress? 

  • Happier home life?  

What would performance reviews like that mean for you? 

Who leads Magnanimous Leadership? 

Leading affects too many people to risk doing it poorly. 

Marguerite Thibodeaux is a leadership and talent expert that spent her career leading teams and developing leaders at a Fortune 100 until she realized that every leader deserves support, not just leaders at international companies with big training budgets. 


Live the life of your dreams

Leading magnanimously changes more than performance reviews. 

It empowers your team, so that you can live the life of your dreams outside the office, too. 

Sound too good to be true? 

Here’s Marguerite and her friends, the self-dubbed Penguin Crew, in Antarctica while her team continued to crush their work back home thanks to the exact same leadership skills and systems she teaches. 

IMG_5039 (2).jpg

How does she do it? 

She uses science and experience to help you build the mindset, skills, and systems that the most effective leaders leverage to have fun while unleashing sustainable, exceptional results hidden in their teams. 

Marguerite will teach you to:
- Make decisions from your personal leadership principles rather than fear 
- Build trust through purposeful transparency and predictable systems 
- Craft a Mission & Vision Statement that pulls so you don’t have to push 
- Leverage Key Metrics to consistently drive the most important results 
- Provide actionable feedback your team actually wants to hear 
- Coach your team to unleash strengths and innovation 


What are current clients saying?

"The whole training experience so far is incredible. I am loving that it is so engaging thanks to you, Marguerite... Having people you can trust and the opportunity to tackle… problems we face has been extremely beneficial.”

“ was absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to continue.” 

Invest in making 2022 your year

Recently, a leader called Marguerite the day after starting the Magnanimous Leadership Coaching Program and insisted on sending her more money, because the program was that valuable. 

How valuable would a raise, a promotion, or a new career trajectory be for you? 

How much would you be willing to invest to:
- earn more for the rest of your career? 
- have more fun at work? 
- feel less stressed? 
- take a real vacation? 
- be more present with your loved ones?

Some people spend $60,000 on a new truck without batting an eye.  

Magnanimous Leadership will cost far less than a new truck and provide benefits that outlast even the most reliable car. 

Gift yourself a new career trajectory

Individual Coaching 

Image by Amy Hirschi

Individual Magnanimous Leadership Coaching ($1,997)
You wait for no one. When you’re ready, you jump right in.

- 3 months of one-on-one sessions 
- assignments to put new skills and systems into action 
- leadership assessments to measure progress
- set your own pace

Have questions before registering?
Schedule a Q&A with Marguerite

Group Coaching

Image by Brooke Cagle

Magnanimous Leadership Group Coaching Program
(By request)

You learn best in a group. You like to hear other people's questions and experiences as much as sharing your own. 

- assignments to put new skills and systems into action 
- leadership assessments to measure progress
- expand your network 

Have questions before registering?
Schedule a Q&A with Marguerite

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