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You’re a leader.
You’re stressed.
You’re spread too thin.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  

"Going through the Magnanimous Leadership program had a major impact on my confidence and approach to managing a team."


Live the life of your dreams

Magnanimous Leadership changes more than performance reviews. 

It empowers your team, so that you can live the life of your dreams outside the office, too. 

Sound too good to be true? 

Here’s our founder, Marguerite, and her friends in Antarctica while her team continued to crush their work back home thanks to the exact same leadership skills and systems she will teach you in the Magnanimous Leadership Coaching Program

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What is Magnanimous Leadership? 

Magnanimous Leadership is a style of leadership Marguerite Thibodeaux refined over years of coaching leaders, leading teams, and developing leadership programs at one of America's largest banks. 

She adapted best practices from Agile, psychology and organizational design research, executive coaching, change management, and talent strategy until she had a system she and her team could rely on to consistently deliver exceptional results while maintaining a life outside work, even during the pandemic. 

At its core, Magnanimous Leadership empowers leaders with skills and systems to lead with the courage and compassion their sanity and their teams need. 

Leading effectively is never easy. 

But with Magnanimous Leadership, it can be simple


Who leads Magnanimous Leadership? 

Leading affects too many people to risk doing it poorly. 

Marguerite Thibodeaux is a leadership and talent expert that spent her career leading teams and developing leaders at a Fortune 100 until she realized that every leader deserves support, not just leaders at international companies with big training budgets. 

Magnanimous Leadership was born. 


What will you master?

You will build the mindset, skills, and systems to simplify while unleashing sustainable, exceptional results hidden in their teams. 

Marguerite will teach you to:

- Make decisions from your personal leadership principles rather than fear 

- Build trust through purposeful transparency and predictable systems 

- Craft a Mission & Vision Statement that pulls so you don’t have to push 

- Leverage Key Metrics to consistently drive the most important results 

- Provide actionable feedback your team actually wants to hear 

- Coach your team to unleash strengths and innovation 


What are her current clients saying?

"I was in the middle of acquiring a new team, with little guidance from upper management when Marguerite and I started working together... I was able to overcome my challenges... and gained valuable skills that I will be able to use throughout my career. The sessions were so effective... I received a promotion!”

“ was absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to continue.” 

"Marguerite's energy is contagious, inspiring and directly impacted [program participants'] growth becoming leaders in their respective fields.

The training was incredible and went by very quick - I looked forward to the sessions on a monthly/ semi-monthly basis given that we really had the opportunity to discuss current, real - work issues that we were facing.” 

"Going through the Magnanimous Leadership program had a major impact on my confidence and approach to taking on my new role of managing a team. Marguerite created a psychologically safe community amongst the cohort that enabled us to not only learn the frameworks and concepts that she introduced, but to dive deep into examples and continue to learn from one another over the course of the program. I would be remiss if I didn't mention how much of an impact this experience had on my confidence for situations that arose with my team knowing that I had the community to learn with and dissect how I can continue to improve as a leader. I'm so appreciative of this experience!”

"My time with Magnanimous Leadership was an incredible investment... My business increased as a result of my coaching, as did my satisfaction in doing my work overall. I would highly recommend Magnanimous Leadership."

Invest in yourself

Recently, a leader called Marguerite the day after starting the Magnanimous Leadership Coaching Program. She insisted on sending Marguerite more money, because the program was that valuable. 

She simply could not believe it didn't cost more. 

It should cost more. 

How valuable would a raise, a promotion, or a new career trajectory be for you? 

How much would you be willing to invest to:
- earn more for the rest of your career? 
- have more fun at work? 
- feel less stressed? 
- take a real vacation? 
- be more present with your loved ones?

Some people spend $60,000 on a new truck without batting an eye.  

Magnanimous Leadership will cost far less than a new truck and provide benefits that outlast even the most reliable car. 

Our Coaching Programs

Individual Coaching 

Image by Amy Hirschi

Individual Magnanimous Leadership Coaching ($1,997)
You wait for no one. When you’re ready, you jump right in.

- 3 months of one-on-one sessions 
- exercises to put new skills and systems into action 
- leadership assessments to measure progress
- set your own pace

Have questions before registering?
Schedule a Q&A with Marguerite

Group Coaching

Image by Brooke Cagle

Magnanimous Leadership Group Coaching Program
(By request)
You learn best in a group. You like to hear other people's questions and experiences as much as sharing your own. 

- 6 one-hour group sessions 
- exact frameworks successful leaders use
- exercises to put new skills and systems into action immediately  
- group executive coaching to customize in the moment
- expand your network

If you prefer an online call or consultation, 
schedule a free Q&A with Marguerite

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